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Why soHza Sister loves Global Mamas

by soHza sister on November 10, 2023
Why soHza Sister loves Global Mamas

This fair trade organization is located in Ghana, with strong women making up this growing community, there are over 350 producers in seven different communities across the country. Building leadership and financial support, the Mamas have achieved many accomplishments while employed by Global Mamas: supporting their children and education, opening shops, and building homes for their family.

The mission is to empower women, and build prosperity by generating a steady income through sustainable employment. Along with employment at the nonprofit, Global Mamas provides many opportunities for the women to pursue independent careers with the skills they have learned. Global Mamas uplifts women entrepreneurs by providing them with the education, technology, and funds to succeed with their professional goals.

We carry a line of batiks made from the Mamas, an ancient handmade fabric art created from hot wax painted or stamped onto fabric. A unique quality of the batiks is the crackled patterns it is known for. The wax cracks as the dye seeps through different spots in the pattern.

One of the harms of fast fashion is the dangerous work conditions, the nonprofit is dedicated to a safe work environment for the Mamas. The batikers are offered gloves and masks, while working with the dye. The batiks are made with the earth in mind, fair trade practices means a living wage and an eco-friendly production. To limit waste, Global Mamas has a range of patchwork products that uses the scraps leftover from the batiked fabric (Global Mamas).

Our Global Mamas’ products consist of the Eli Dress Keepsake, with beautiful shapes stamped on black organic cotton, and our summer blouses with rosewood organic and charcoal organic cotton.

Global Mamas invests in women because they are investing in a prosperous future for all. We value building communities and connecting with women around the world. Our partnership with Global Mamas allows us to support fair trade practices and sustainable living for families in Africa.

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