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        Behind the Scenes

        Bhara was born in a brothel.

        Bhara was born in a brothel.

        Bhara’s mother was sold into the sex trade as a young girl. Her family lived in poverty and there were not many options for work in her village. When a man came to her village and promised a good job for Bhara’s mother, she was sold into a brothel in Mumbai. It was in this same brothel that she eventually gave birth to and began to raise Bhara.

        After many years in the brothel, Bhara and her mother returned to her home village in search of her father and a safe place to live. She learned that her father had died the previous year of a heart attack and the rest of her family had left in search of work.

        Without a place to live or family to help her, Bhara’s mother felt that she had no other choice but to enter the sex trade again under a pimp. The money she received in her village was far less than she received in Mumbai and under pressure from the pimp to bring in more money, she tried repeatedly to force Bhara into the sex trade too.

        Bhara ran away from home one evening while her mother was at work. She found safety at a community center in a nearby village and with the help of a local NGO, was brought to the Sudara skills-training centers where she is still enrolled. Bhara expects to graduate next year and has plans of becoming a teacher.








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        Recycled Bullet Castings

        Recycled Bullet Castings

        Turning something horrific into art

        I's beautiful and sustainable

        We partner with two different groups in Ethiopia, both creating beautiful jewelry from upcycled artillery. We chose to work with these cooperatives because of their exceptional resiliency and their commitment to fair trade principles, especially environmental stewardship and creating opportunities for marginalized producers.

        We partner with a cooperative in central Addis Ababa, where women artisans each spend 6 months in (paid) training, learning the trade of jewelry-making. This cooperative provides childcare for the women as well as educational support for each artisan and their children. At this cooperative, in the middle of the day, a well-deserved break for our partners comes in the form of a coffee ceremony. 

        The second cooperative employs many women who, for a variety of reasons, are often considered outcasts of their society. Many of our partners sought refuge near Entoto Mountain, right on the edge of Addis Ababa. This cooperative recruits women living on the mountain to provide skill training, health insurance, and stable jobs. 

        Both cooperatives make jewelry from recycled bullet casings. Bullet casings are gathered by local farmers who then sell them to our artisan partners, who melt them down and pour them into molds. The beads are naturally 100% brass or copper: to create a silver color, the beads are plated. After being broken from the molds, the beads are sanded and polished, then expertly crafted into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. A magnificent piece of art!


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        Feel the energy of our labradorite bracelet

        Feel the energy of our labradorite bracelet

        Labradorite is said to temper the negativity within ourselves. It is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth. The gemstone labradorite is said to stimulate the throat chakra.

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