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        stories about women change makers

        #womanchangemaker Deb Hackett

        #womanchangemaker Deb Hackett

        Debbie Hackett is a behavioral health specialist with 30+ years’ experience. As a therapist and master level social worker Debbie has helped individuals, couples, and families find solutions they can readily implement into their lives. She has taught behavioral health at university level for more than 9 years and continues as a field instructor for social work students at the master’s level. Debbie facilitates a seminar that teaches attendees to embrace their authentic self thus improving their relationships in all areas of their lives. Debbie’s goal in life is world peace starting with herself. You can contact Debbie by email at

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        What causes are closest to your heart? Why?

        World Peace - Ending violence due to oppression.  I have seen the result of self acceptance and the acceptance of others and it is nothing short of amazing.  We must be change makers in ourselves and that will  have a monumental ripple effect on the world. 

        Common Ground - Finding common ground with those I disagree with in an effort to be a we humanity rather than an us and them rivalry.

        Reduce our carbon footprint. - Through constant vigilance and education on Climate Change and what we can do to slow it down and adjust to the changes.  I want the next generations to have clean water, air, and a habitat that is sustainable.

        Favorite Quote?

        "Be the Change you want to see in the world."

        ~ Ghandi

        #womanchangemaker Jamila Watson

        #womanchangemaker Jamila Watson

        This year marks my 10th year back in the Greater Cincinnati area. Hailing from Memphis, TN, I currently serve as Insights & Research Advisor for FedEx Services within its Insights, Innovation & Design organization. I am a deeply driven...


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        #womanchangemaker Tina Bojanowski

        #womanchangemaker Tina Bojanowski

        Tina Bojanowski is the state representative for District 32 in Louisville, KY.  She is also a special education teacher for Jefferson County Public Schools.

        Tina's goal is to ensure that everyone's voice is heard in Frankfort.  She is advocating for individuals and families with mental health concerns and disabilities.  She is also a strong proponent for public education.

        Driving change from a minority party role requires building relationships with all stakeholders in order to make the world a better place for everyone.

        Helping women during these uncertain times

        Helping women during these uncertain times

        Where equility meets quality

        These women are paid fairly, regularly, and given the opportunity to earn raises + promotions. Unfortunately, this is rare throughout most of India. Sweatshops are all too common, and 85-90% of sweatshop employees are women. As such, in 2013 women still only earned 62 percent of a men’s salary for equal work. soHza sister and WORK+SHELTER are working to change that!

        The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and when possible use other social enterprises, natural fibers, recycled, organic, or otherwise eco-friendly inputs. 



        The WORK+SHELTER team is excitedly celebrating the outcome of the presidential election in the United States. The Trump administration's policies have seriously disrupted our work, from last minute duties that caused our pricing to change by 10% overnight, to rejected travel visas for our employees. Moving ahead we are hopeful for a more stable future for the broader WORK+SHELTER team, our country as a whole, + our planet.

        Particularly exciting to the women working at our center in Delhi is the fact that Kamala Harris, whose mother is from India, was elected the first woman Vice President. As a woman-owned, women-run business, we are absolutely celebrating this glass ceiling finally being shattered.

        We are also looking forward to a more environmentally focused administration, starting with the rejoining of the Paris Climate Agreement. By committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., we are joining forces with the other countries already invested in a greener future for our planet.

        At WORK+SHELTER, we strive to embody these values as a part of our day-to-day operations and are grateful to have leadership in office that is working toward the same goals. 



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