Help a woman here by helping a woman there

About Us

We launched soHza sister April 13, 2013. Three sisters. A belief in the power of women. And an idea that we could help bring them together for change. We wanted to create a social enterprise dedicated to helping women both locally and globally. soHza sister is more than just an online store to buy fair trade jewelry, purses and clothing. It’s a place you go to be inspired by women from around the world who are making a difference with their lives.

If you buy and share one of our products, you’ll help the woman that made it globally, and in return we will donate to a local non-profit for women--putting you at the center of change.

soHza sister has partnered with 22 different fair trade co-ops in over 11 countries. They offer these empowered women opportunities that change lives. Each piece of handmade jewelry and ethical clothing has a powerful story. Then we give to local non-profits that help women — helping women here and there.

After over seven years in business, we have built a great community of local women change makers, given over $40,000 to our local non-profit partners and purchased $1 million with our global partners.

What is soHza sister?

It’s you.
It’s us.
It’s the thread of caring
that connects us,
woman to woman,
and makes us powerful.
In the midst of a beautiful world, people are hurting.
In places both far away and right next door.
The thread of caring gives each of us the power to change that world.
Together, we can mend broken hearts, dreams, and families.
Together, we are soHza sisters.