Help a woman here by helping a woman there

These sturdy, stylish and ethical leather bags are vegetable dyed, versatile and

one-of-a-kind. The empowered women of Addis Abada hand-make these leather

bags by intricately stitching and sewing the locally sourced supplies from

Ethiopia into lovely designs.

Handbags (30)

ABLE Lari Zip-Top Tote - Brazil


ABLE Yari Carry-on Tote Whiskey - Ethiopia


ABLE Jacklyn Work Tote Able Whiskey


ABLE Naomi key ring Card Case - Ethiopia


ABLE Grace Wallet - Ethiopia


ABLE Blair Bucket Crossbody Bag- Brazil


ABLE Addison Knotted Tote - Ethiopia


ABLE Berkeley Belt Bag - Ethiopia


Ata Vine Handwoven Round Cane Cross Body from Bali