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        We partner with a co-op in Chimbote, Peru that we first learned the power of economic opportunity, especially as a tool for women who experience domestic violence. This cooperative was started as a safe haven for women: especially women with disabilities or who have children with disabilities.  These partners specialize in intricate bead work to create our best-selling ceramic jewelry. The cooperative is housed in an extension of their leaders’, Maritza, home. This workshop is fondly referred to as the “little workshop, with a big heart.” Maritza taught herself how to make jewelry and now works with 11 other women who are able to work in this workshop or at home.

        The other cooperative we partner with is located just outside the capital city, Lima. They specialize in sterling silver jewelry, a difficult field for women artisans to enter as silver work is traditionally a male domain. They make *every* little piece by hand: right down to the tiny little earring backs.  They're exceptional craftspeople, for sure!