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Our beautiful fair trade cloths are made by different co-op partners that help women from around the world. These women have escaped horrible situations like human trafficking or incarceration. But the future of their families, communities and the world depend on their creativity. At least that is what we think:-)

Clothing (98)

Demira Hand Embroidered Tops - India


Reversible Silk Kantha Sari Jacket - India


ANGELROX® Beachcomber - Maine, USA


ANGELROX® Palazzo Pant - Maine, USA


ANGELROX® Sprout Romper - Maine, USA


Cotton Silk Large Handmade Indian Block Print Scarf, Emerald - India


Women's Kaftan Dress Green Block Print Luxurious, Heera - India


Indigo Silky Blockprint luxurious soft kaftan Dress - India


Handmade Block Print Green Cotton Silk Large Scarf | La Joie - India