Wear a number to restore a name


Thoughtful and conscientious, PB is one spectacular lady! She is selfless and team-oriented in her work at BRANDED, always looking out for the best interests of others and arriving at work with a smile on her face - no matter the circumstances that brought her here. PB’s favorite food is tropical - peaches, pineapple and coconut all together (YUM). She says her favorite music is anything that makes her smile, but wants to give special recognition to the song "Chain Breaker" by Zach Williams, which changed her life. She says if she could live anywhere, she’d live in Africa in a hut surrounded by kookaburras, woodpeckers and beautiful lush forestry. If she could have a superpower, PB would want to be a healer because she doesn’t like to see other people hurting. If she could have any talent in the world, she would want to be an extreme rock climber - she loves a good adrenaline rush! For her future, PB hopes to learn more foreign languages and pursue human advocacy and social work so that she can travel and help girls that are in the same situation she was once in. She says that there’s not enough attention on torture trafficking and she would like to raise awareness. If PB could communicate one thing to you, it would be this: “Don’t give up - ever. Even if death is looking you in the face, don’t give up. I don’t think enough people really think about it like that, because the average person doesn’t get faced with death every day.” She wants to encourage young people to be cautious about who they trust, and to be themselves. PB’s life motto is “Yes, I can!” We’ll leave you with those wise words from one extremely wise young woman.

wear a number to restore a name

SoHza sister partners with The BRANDED Collective. They work with survivors of human trafficking from Nashville-based non-profit End Slavery Tennessee. BRANDED is an economic empowerment jobs program where the women handcraft the jewelry collection.

Many victims of human trafficking are BRANDED; their captors physically mark them with a number or symbol. The process is often violent: a forced tattoo, a burn or knife cut. The BRANDED Collective stands against this brutal practice. Each BRANDED item is stamped with an initial and a number. The initial belongs to the survivor who made your cuff. You can read her story on our website. The number is your unique number in the Collective. You can register this number and send a Message of Hope to our survivors.

When we started BRANDED in 2012, we stamped 100 numbers on 100 cuffs. We are now more than 48,000 numbers strong! We invite you to join our Collective. Together we can empower survivors of human trafficking to rise above the branding and the trauma they have been given. Together we can wear the story, share the story and change the story.


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